Artist and photographer David Gilliver created this series of photographs especially for TWLOHA to convey one message: It is never truly dark.

"I find the concept of being present in each of the photographs yet remaining invisible quite incredible. I have an undeniable presence in each photograph yet there is no evidence that I was there other than the light sculptures that have been left behind."   


You Were A House On Fire




Wooden Heart

This song really means a lot to me because the words describe a general attitude that I’m working toward.  It’s an attitude of openness and acceptance, not just with one another but with myself as well.

“We all want to be normal anyways

We all want to be somewhere else than where we live

But that’s not reality, that’s just point of view…”

I’ve lived with a constant feeling that I may not be where I’m supposed to be or that I missing out on living somewhere different. I think it’s easy to tell ourselves that things would be better in a new place, that maybe we would fit in better in the next town over. 

But I’m starting to believe that this is not the case.

We all have a purpose and a role within our community. Even if it’s a role that we may not see, it’s likely that someone else we know does see the difference that we are making. I believe in the idea that someone in my area really does need me in his or her life. I believe that I need a certain person from my community.

“The lengths that we go to to put so much distance between us is staggering

You’re burning alive with stress and life

Both hands in flames trying to hold the fire inside

Drop and roll, repeat line for emphasis

I’ll repeat it and repeat it until you believe it

You’re gonna be ok, say it to me…” 

We can all benefit one from supporting one another.

If we are able to stop pretending we are fine and begin to open up, we can then move forward. We can create an environment of truly caring for one another. We can finally be open to receiving that care when we need it.

I may not always understand all of your struggles, I may not always be able to relate, and I may not always follow through on being a good listener. But I want to understand, and I want to provide comfort and support.

This song speaks to an attitude that I want to work toward, a comfort I want to provide. Sometimes we distance ourselves from the issues we aren’t comfortable talking about. We are different people in different parts of our stories, but we are all capable of sharing love and support.

 - Phil, TWLOHA Summer ‘14 intern 

Meet Erin


Who I Am: I’m Erin—a Florida native with mountain dreams, a Disney Cast Member, and an always-barefoot perpetual over-sleeper. I grew up blocks from the fort in St. Augustine, the nation’s oldest city and the home of trollies, pirate reenactments, and ghost tours.

Stuff I Like: Good conversations, sleeping in, riding rollercoasters, using power tools, doing arts and crafts, and biking. I can’t get enough of “LOST,” “Sherlock,” “The Walking Dead,” “30 Rock,” and “New Girl,” and I have a weakness for anything on HGTV. I’m also a fan of road trips, popsicles, and Marvel superheroes. I could watch fireworks every day forever and still think they’re the greatest things of all time. For the life of me, I can’t get off Pinterest.

Why I’m Here: I found out about TWLOHA around 7 years ago when I was in high school. It was the first time that I had ever heard someone outside of a doctor’s office talk about depression or treat people dealing with mental health issues as people rather than statistics. I had never heard anyone speak about hope in a way that was believable or tangible, and I still feel like it’s something that’s very special and has the potential to change conversations, minds, and lives. I remember writing a message to TWLOHA when I was struggling and having someone answer me with love and care, and I wanted the chance to be that person for someone else.

I would most likely stuff the fridge with: Raspberries, Tapioca pudding, Alfalfa sprouts, and about 8 cases of Dr. Pepper.

If my music is on, I’m listening to: Daughter, Young the Giant, old school Copeland, Imagine Dragons, and American Authors. In the office, it’s Kodaline and Vitamin String Quartet covers of Linkin Park. I’m lost without my Spotify.

Outside of the office, I’m most likely: Reading next to everyone else while they’re enthusiastically watching sports or trying to plan my first tattoo.

If you had a superpower, which would it be? Why? I’d either want to teleport so I’d never have to sit in traffic again. Or be able to have my fridge perpetually full of food. Is that a super power? It really should be…